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About Ankawa Society Of Canada

The Ankawa Society of Canada is a non-profit organization as a Canadian family club based in the greater Toronto area (GTA). The society was founded in early 2011 by a group of Ankawi’s in Canada. This group has been established to organize gatherings amongst all the Christian Iraqi’s that are currently residing in Canada, this includes those of Assyrian (Chaldean, Syriac, Ashurian) and Armenian origin.

The Ankawa Society of Canada is primarily concerned with keeping the Iraqi Assyrian culture and traditions of our people alive in Canada. It also serves to promote the Iraqi culture as part of the Canadian cultural mosaic. We strive to enhance our knowledge of the Iraqi people by supporting a host of programs geared to cultivate what was practiced back home and what can be done to preserve the different elements of our culture.

We aim to promote the culture and gather the community together through various social gatherings including parties, boat cruises, picnics, pub nights. This is a way to not only preserve our culture but to unite our families, particularly the younger generation; so that such generations may continue to stay connected as a whole.

In addition to aiming to unite the Assyrian community within the Greater Toronto Area, the Ankawa Society of Canada is also an impartial and independent organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of Iraqi Assyrian newcomers. We are a society that is concerned about the individual’s state of well being in Canada. The Society’s mandate is to provide courteous and helpful service to the newcomers in Canada by providing such individuals with resources to integrate into the country. The activities involved in integrating immigrants into the country involve providing such persons with ESL programmes to aid in learning the English language. The Society also seeks to help new comers by assisting in finding appropriate housing, as well as employment. Our mission is to ultimately assist the new Iraqi Assyrian immigrants in integrating into the country and making it an exciting opportunity.